Request Review: 6902182: Starting with jdwp agent should not incur performance penalty

Daniel D. Daugherty Daniel.Daugherty at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 18 10:00:47 PST 2009

Deneau, Tom wrote:
> Note: in some sense, the can_post_exceptions should really be called
> can_exceptions_cause_notifications or can_post_on_exceptions.  The
> notification we're posting is not necessarily the exception event.
> But that's a different issue.

I think I like can_post_on_exceptions(). I briefly thought about
can_post_events_on_exceptions(), but I think the "events" part
is implied.

Perhaps you would consider doing the renaming as part of your
work on this bug:

    can_post_exceptions => can_post_on_exceptions

with any appropriate comment updates.


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