Request for reviews (XL): 6919934: JSR 292 needs to support x86 C1

Christian Wimmer wimmer at
Fri Apr 2 16:01:00 PDT 2010

> is a full solution.
> 6939930: exception unwind changes in 6919934 hurts compilation speed
> Reviewed-by:

I think that is a good unified solution now, and works in my  
workspace. I have two small comments:

* LIRAssembler_sparc.cpp: There is no "stub->emit_code(this);" like in  
the x86 code

* LIR.hpp: lir_unwind can now be a LIR_Op1. In LIR.cpp you assert that  
the second operand of the current LIR_Op2 is never used, which is weird.


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