Request for reviews (XXL): 6961690: load oops from constant table on SPARC

Paul Hohensee paul.hohensee at
Mon Nov 15 06:28:43 PST 2010

The idea I had is not to put it under a command line flag, but to put it 
under is_niagara()
or some such via VM_Version.  That way, you could use -XX:+UseNiagaraInstrs
to test it if you need a command line switch.


On 11/15/10 9:23 AM, David Cox wrote:
> On 11/15/10 2:45 PM, Christian Thalinger wrote:
>> On Nov 12, 2010, at 10:58 PM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
>>> Most important is why it is not under flag?
>> Hmm, I never thought about putting it under a flag since in theory 
>> materializing the constant table base address only once instead of 
>> every time it's required should always be a win.
> Paul also notes that the overall optimization may not be beneficial 
> for all SPARC incarnations so having it switchable based upon chip 
> version would be good.
> Dave

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