Review Request: Zero JSR 292 support

Christian Thalinger christian.thalinger at
Tue Apr 5 05:49:08 PDT 2011

On Apr 4, 2011, at 10:34 AM, Gary Benson wrote:
> John Rose wrote:
>> On Apr 1, 2011, at 7:33 AM, Gary Benson wrote:
>>> This webrev adds support for JSR 292 to Zero:
>> Most impressive!  I think this matches the following previously
>> filed bug:
>> 6829195  JSR 292 needs to support the C++ interpreter
> Partially, yes, in that it implements invokedynamic and fast_aldc*
> in the bytecode interpreter.  For the sparc or x86 ports you would
> also need to write the method handle entries and add frame manager
> support for the call_method_handle message.

How much work would that be?

>> Does this code pass the jtreg tests in jdk/test/java/lang/invoke/ ?
> It passed their previous incarnation in jdk/test/java/dyn, with
> this webrev applied to stop the tests disabling themselves:

John, can you add that code with one of your changes?

-- Christian

> I started updating my OpenJDK build on Friday to one with the most
> recent tests but something failed in langtools and I didn't have
> time to figure it out.  (FWIW this was an amd64 build, not Zero).
> I'm going to try from a different forest today to see if I can get
> a build I can test against.
> Cheers,
> Gary

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