review(S): 7036236: VM crashes assert((!inside_attrs()) || is_error_reported()) failed ...

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Wed Apr 13 21:37:30 PDT 2011

Looks good.


On 4/13/11 6:57 PM, Igor Veresov wrote:
> [resending]
> Assert is caused by a race: CompileBroker::handle_full_code_cache() can be called in different contexts, so a lock is
> required when we're printing to xtty, since it's stateful. So I put the xml element construction under a tty lock.
> However, CodeCache::log_state() calls largest_free_block() that will unlock the tty lock, which will cause tearing and
> the same assertion failure (this will also happen in NMethodSweeper::log_sweep()). To alleviate this problem I moved the
> call to log_state() before the tty lock is taken and made it do the output to a stringStream, which is printed later
> under the tty lock. This way we decouple the tty lock and CodeCache_lock in largest_free_block().
> Also removed ttyUnlocker from largest_free_block(), since it's no longer needed.
> Webrev:
> Thanks!
> igor

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