Force method compilation in HotSpot JVM

antoine artaud-macari antoine.artaudmacari at
Fri Jun 10 08:52:34 PDT 2011

 Dear HotSpot developers !

We are working on performance optimization for a Java critical system and we
would like to force the compilation of some Java methods (chosen by our own
So we have looked at the OpenJDK HotSpot source code and for time being we
succeeded in forcing compilation of these methods but the interpreter still
executes the bytecode.
For example, we used :

nmethod * nm = CompileBroker::compile_method(m, 0, m, 0,"forced
> compilation", THREAD);

where m is a methodHandle on the method to be compiled.

Would you please send us some technical reference or documentation about
compilation process or how compiled method are executed ?

Best regards,

*Antoine ARTAUD-MACARI                  **   **       *
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