Review Request: Newer AMD Processor Prefetch Defaults

Deneau, Tom tom.deneau at
Thu Mar 17 13:04:33 PDT 2011

Vladimir --

Yes, the hw prefetcher is more advanced.  In the future we may find a sw
prefetch strategy that adds something to the hw prefetcher but for now we
do not have one and we wanted to make sure our current best default gets in
for the April JDK7 hotspot snapshot freeze.

On the topic of bug numbers, there will definitely be some other default
flag changes (not related to prefetch).  Our plan was to submit each one
functional area separately.

-- Tom

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I created next bug and your changes looks good. So hw prefetches become smart 
enough to replace sw prefetch?

7028394: Newer AMD Processor Prefetch Defaults


Deneau, Tom wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please review this patch which changes a flag default for some
> newer AMD processors.  The webrev is at
> This new default has shown improvement across many workloads.
> I do not have a bug id for this.
> -- Tom Deneau, AMD

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