Review Request: Zero and Shark fixes

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Wed Mar 30 07:38:54 PDT 2011

On 30 March 2011 15:21, Christian Thalinger
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> Nothing's pushed yet so we still can talk about and change it.  What exactly do you want to split?
> -- Christian

Thanks.  From the webrev, there seem to be at least three changes:

1. Makefile changes which make sure the Shark files are once again
compiled (and which I believe would need to be reviewed by Kelly
2. The trivial #ifndef addition which fixes a regression introduced by
the recent HotSpot security fix.
3. The fix for the bug Gary mentioned which appears to mean API
changes (I don't completely understand this bit).

The first two have been tested in IcedTea6 and correspond to
regressions introduced by identifiable changesets.
I'm not sure of the impact of the third.

The hs20 stable branch needs 1.  but does not need 2. at present as it
doesn't have the security fix to my knowledge.
I'd prefer they were added separately, but I could live with 1 & 2
being combined, provided the security fix went into OpenJDK6 first.
The build changes do need to be reviewed by Kelly:
so it would make sense to have 1 separate in that respect.

I would definitely like to see 3 separated as it's new and (AFAIK)
largely untested.

Andrew :-)

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