review for 7104960: JSR 292: +VerifyMethodHandles in product JVM can overflow buffer

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Nov 3 22:49:49 PDT 2011

That's good.

The xtty output should delimit the attribute values with single quotes:

  - xtty->print_cr("<sect index=%d used=" ...
  + xtty->print_cr("<sect index='%d' used='" ...

Perhaps the xml-spewing code should be a method on CodeBuffer itself, so we can log other such bits (stub routines, interpreter, adapters) when we feel like it.

-- John

On Nov 3, 2011, at 4:51 PM, Tom Rodriguez wrote:

> 73 lines changed: 42 ins; 6 del; 25 mod; 14873 unchg
> 7104960: JSR 292: +VerifyMethodHandles in product JVM can overflow buffer
> Reviewed-by:
> The code buffers on limits on sparc didn't properly account for space
> required then the code cache and were farther apart than an
> int so it would slightly overflow it's buffer.  It would crash because
> the CodeCache became corrupted instead of reporting that it
> overflowed.  I modified the overflow detection logic to work even in
> product.  It doesn't check on every operation as it does in debug
> mode, it just vierifies at the end that it hasn't overflowed.  I also
> extended the ForceUnreachable logic to work on sparc and turned it
> into a diagnostic so it can be tested in product.  I added logging
> code to report buffer usage and reset the values on sparc and x86.  If
> left about 4k of buffer in product mode and 20k in debug mode.

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