RFR(S): Bugfix: Clear High Word in Integer.bitCount() Intrinsic on SparcV9

Reingruber, Richard richard.reingruber at sap.com
Thu Dec 13 09:09:06 PST 2012


I would like to submit a bugfix for C2's Integer.bitCount() intrinsic on sparcv9.

On sparcv9, the C2 intrinsic for Integer.bitCount() is a POPC instruction. POPC operates on the whole register, including the high word, but for Integer.bitCount(), this is not correct, because the value of the high word is undefined. There could be bits set as a result of an int overflow or from a shift operation for example. Of course the bits in the high word have to be ignored for Integer.bitCount().

I have prepared a small webrev with the suggested fix and a regression test:


Could you please review the patch and create a bug id? Thanks!


BTW: my name is Richard Reingruber, and I'm working as an engineer in the JIT team at SAP in Germany. This is my first posting, so a minimal introduction is probably appropriate :)

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