review request (L): JDK changes for 7023639: JSR 292 method handle invocation needs a fast path for compiled code

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at
Mon Jul 23 03:01:16 PDT 2012

On 07/22/2012 04:16 AM, John Rose wrote:
> P.S.  If there's something you don't like in one of the files, let us know.
> As I noted before, we can (and will) roll more adjustments into the next
> push.

I have a question about $PREPARED_FORMS there. It looks like it is not
used anywhere in the code, should we eliminate it whatsoever?

If not, then I have trouble understanding if we need to explicitly
override CHM defaults, especially concurrency level there. (I know Doug
pushes back on specialized constructors in CHMv8 because some of the
parameters are meaningless there).


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