Request for reviews (XS): 7152961: InlineTree::should_not_inline may exit prematurely

Nils Eliasson nils.eliasson at
Mon Mar 12 02:28:10 PDT 2012 

7152961 InlineTree::should_not_inline may exit prematurely

In the middle of InlineTree::should_not_inline there is a check that 
makes trivial sized method return NULL/false early.

"// use frequency-based objections only for non-trivial methods"

So any relevant clause after will never be run for many very small 
methods. One effect is that compilerOracle dont-inline commands are not 
always respected. This does not seem to be the intention.

Moving compilerOracle and string cache heuristics above that check, 
leaving the clauses that actually depend on frequency/profiling in place.

Nils E.
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