debug in hotspot

Xin Tong at
Thu May 3 17:16:57 PDT 2012

i would like to know how to debug in hotspot, what are some of the
standard procedures ? Lets say, the hotspot fails to run a Java
program. a few steps to triage the problem.

1. disable JIT compilers. hotspot has 2 compilers c1 and c2. they are
both used if TieredCompilation is enabled. How do I disable both of
2. if the Java program passes after the JIT is disabled. There is a
good chance that the problem is cause by the JIT. I want to narrow
down to a specific method, I can use PrintCompilation to find out all
the method compiled, but how can I disable one specific method from
being compiled.
3. if i am able to limit down to a specific method, i want to start
disabling optimizations, is there an option to disable all
optimizations in the c1 and c2 compilers, or i need to do it manually


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