inliner heuristics

Xin Tong at
Mon May 21 12:14:13 PDT 2012

I am investigating the inliner heuristics in C2 compiler of hotspot. There
are a few things i do not get.

1. The inliner heuristics depend on 2 parameters - the call_site_count and
the invocation_count. The invocation_count is the number of times the
method is executed in the previous tier. i.e. interpreter for tier 1
compilation and tier 1 for tier 2 compilation. But what does
call_site_count represent. the number of callsites of this method within
the all callers of the method ? It seems it is calculated based on MD0,
what is the method data ?

2. Is it true that in theory all methods can be inlined in Java ? how about
in the hotspot JVM ?


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