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On 03/28/2013 11:39 AM, John Rose wrote:
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>> You can read the *.ad files in platform-dependent sources, in 
>> conjunction with the logic in SharedRuntime::java_calling_convention().
>> The declarations for j_rarg0 and friends are in 
>> src/cpu/x86/vm/assembler_x86.hpp.
> That's good info.
> Xin's question "should" be fully addressed by this wiki page:
Yes. Actually let me do that. I'll compile a list of calling conventions 
(register/stack usage) and put them on the wiki.
The comments on frame layout scattered in different places in HotSpot 
could be useful to people, too; should gather them into one place.

- Kris

> But the contents of that page need a serious rework.
> — John

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