Binary searching jdk repo to find a problematic commit?

Dawid Weiss dawid.weiss at
Fri Sep 6 14:29:48 PDT 2013

I'm more familiar with git than with mercurial, so this may be something
obvious. I want to dissect commits made to hotspot between the official
jdk7u3 and jdk7u4 and I've hit a couple of questions.

1) Interestingly the "top level" project doesn't have the tag my "official"
jdk7u3 presents itself with:


the tags present in are up to
jdk7u3-b04. Which version was it built from? Is the tag missing?

2) When I look for build tags in between jdk7u3-b04:jdk7u4-b22 I see things

$ hg log -r jdk7u3-b04:jdk7u4-b22 | grep "tag:"
tag:         jdk7u3-b04
tag:         jdk7u4-b13
tag:         jdk7u4-b14
tag:         jdk7u6-b01
tag:         jdk7u6-b02

This is slightly confusing to me but I guess it makes sense if parallel
branches coexist in the same repo and are merged/ tagged at the same time.
Anyway, would this series of tags really reflect something useful for a
rough binary-searching scheme over incremental (semi-stable) builds?

3) I'm used to git's submodules which hold versioned references to
sub-projects. I assume the forrest extension doesn't do it and every
subproject is tagged at the time of the release, am I correct? What
confused me was that the instructions to update sources
in README-builds.html always pull subprojects to their tip. I assume to get
the same set of sources I need to run something like:

./make/scripts/ pull <tag>

(or an equivalent, depending on the JDK version)?

Thanks for clarifying,
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