RFR (L) : 8014013 : CallInfo structure no longer accurately reports the result of a LinkResolver operation

David Chase david.r.chase at oracle.com
Thu Sep 12 11:38:40 PDT 2013

Revised webrev, based on comments from Coleen Phillimore.


There was some extraneous commented code from testing the cause of a changed error
(one faulty output was replaced with a different faulty output, the cause is not the fault of this change)
and another comment made an assertion that, when coded as an actual assertion, was proven
to be a lie.  So that comment was revised.

>   void LinkResolver::resolve_method_statically(methodHandle& resolved_method, KlassHandle& resolved_klass,
>                                                Bytecodes::Code code, constantPoolHandle pool, int index, TRAPS) {
> +   // This method is used only in C2 from InlineTree::ok_to_inline (via ciMethod::check_call),
> +   // and is only used under -Xcomp or -XX:CompileTheWorld.
> +   // It appears to fail when applied to an invokeinterface call site.
> +   // FIXME: Remove this method and ciMethod::check_call; refactor to use the other LinkResolver entry points.

> Can you assert (CompileTheWorld || compiler_mode == xcomp, "not supported");
> So someone not reading comments doesn't think they can call this?
> Also there are commented out lines in methodHandles_<cpu>, which is somewhat disturbing.
> Why are they there and can you put a comment in the code about why they are there?


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