RFR (S): 8022585: JVM crashes when ran with -XX:+PrintInlining

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Fri Sep 20 16:37:29 PDT 2013


We can't use +PrintInlining flag in 7u40 after 8005031 changes were 
backported into 7u40. These changes keep inlining info in GrowableArray 
and use GrowableArray::at() method to access elements. Unfortunately in 
jdk7u40 at() method is copy constructor vs &at() method which returns 
reference in jdk8 (changed for 7200776). As result in jdk7u40 all 
changes to inline info are done to local copy and lost.

This problem was reported 2 times. One report (8019313) was from Andreas 
Schoesser who did evaluation of the problem and suggested the fix.

I extended his fix to use adr_at() instead of at() in all places where 
inlining info is accessed. It will simplify the backport into 7update.
I also added ability to print inlining and intrinsic per method:




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