Review request (7u) JDK-8038440: backport few C2 fixes

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Mon Mar 31 18:07:54 UTC 2014


Why you did not remove original UseOptoBiasInlining lines in arguments.cpp?


On 3/30/14 10:36 PM, Poonam Bajaj wrote:
> Bug: JDK-8038440 <>: backport few C2 fixes
> Webrev:
> These changes backport few C2 fixes to 7u. Changes backported:
> 1. Move disabling UseOptoBiasInlining after the last change to UseBiasedLocking in src/share/vm/runtime/arguments.cp.
> 2. In OptoRuntime::new_named_counter() in src/share/vm/opto/runtime.cpp file, cmpxchg may fail first time when new named
> counter is added. It triggers assert in set_next() because _next is set already. Fix it by resetting _next for each attempt.
> Testing:
> Thanks,
> Poonam

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