RFR: 8144993: Elide redundant memory barrier after AllocationNode

Hui Shi hui.shi at linaro.org
Thu Dec 10 14:48:05 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Could some one help comments this change?

Bug:  https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8144993

webrev:  http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~hshi/8144993/webrev/

This patch aims to remove redundant memory barrier after allocation node,
on AArch64 it removes redundant dmb when creating object. The motivation is
dmb instructions after commonly used object allocation, for example string
and boxing objects is redundant with dmb inserted for final field write. In
following small case:

String foo(String s)


   String copy = new String(s);

   return copy;


There are two dmb instructions in generated code. First one is
membar_storestore, inserted in PhaseMacroExpand::expand_allocate_common.
Second one is membar_release, inserted at exit of initializer method as
final fields write happens. Allocated String doesn't escape in String
initializer method, membar_release includes membar_storestore semantic. So
first one can be removed safely.

  0x0000007f85bbfa8c: prfm      pstl1keep, [x11,#256]

  0x0000007f85bbfa90: str       xzr, [x0,#16]

  0x0000007f85bbfa94: dmb       ishst        // first dmb to remove


  0x0000007fa01d83c0: ldrsb     w10, [x20,#20]

  0x0000007fa01d83c4: ldr       w12, [x20,#16]

  0x0000007fa01d83c8: ldr       x11, [sp,#8]

  0x0000007fa01d83cc: strb      w10, [x11,#20]

  0x0000007fa01d83d0: str       w12, [x11,#16]

  0x0000007fa01d83d4: dmb       ish        // second dmb

Patch targets this pattern and remove redundant memory barrier for
allocation node.

1. When inserting memory barrier for final field write. If final fields'
object allocation node is available, invoke
AllocationNode::compute_MemBar_redundancy(initializer method).

2. In AllocationNode:

    2.1 Add a new field _is_allocation_MemBar_redundant flag indicate if
memory barrier after allocation node is redundant.

   2.2 Add method compute_MemBar_redundancy, set
 _is_allocation_MemBar_redundant true if first parameter "this" does not
escape in initializer method according to BCEscapeAnalyzer.

3. skip inserting memory barrier in
PhaseMacroExpand::expand_allocate_common, when AllocationNode's
flag is true.


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