How to get rid of MethodHandle::linkTo* call when target method is known but not inlined?

Vladimir Ivanov vladimir.x.ivanov at
Thu Feb 12 09:09:31 UTC 2015


No, the problem is not with detecting compile-time constants, but how to 
pass that info to runtime in some situations.

The code for some particular DirectMethodHandle is the following:
   static int invokeStatic_005_I(java.lang.Object);
          0: aload_0
          1: invokestatic  #16                 // Method 
          4: astore_1
          5: aload_1
          6: checkcast     #18                 // class 
          9: invokestatic  #24                 // Method 
         12: ireturn

If DMH is constant, it's easy to extract MemberName from it, and 
compiler can inline the method this MemberName points to (see 

The problematic case is when the method MemberName points to isn't 
inlined (for example, recursion depth is over the limit):
java.lang.invoke.LambdaForm$DMH005/359023572::invokeStatic_005_I (13 
bytes)   force inline by annotation
   @ 1   java.lang.invoke.DirectMethodHandle::internalMemberName (8 
bytes)   force inline by annotation
   @ 9   jsr292.RecursiveCall::f1 (4 bytes) recursive inlining is too deep

Right now, compiler stops at ::linkTo* call, and not at ::f1, though 
MemberName is constant and embedded into the code:

  0x000000010feeabfe: movabs $0x79561d2a0,%rdx ; {oop(a 
'java/lang/invoke/MemberName' = {method} {0x00000001180a3528} 'rec' 
'(I)V' in 'jsr292/RecursiveCall')}
   0x000000010feeac08: nop
   0x000000010feeac09: nop
   0x000000010feeac0a: nop
   0x000000010feeac0b: callq 0x000000010fe49900 ; OopMap{off=48}

It is either both ::linkTo* & target method are inlined or none of them.

What I want to get is a direct call to ::f1 instead. The problem is 
fixup logic (SharedRuntime::find_callee_info()) doesn't know anything 
about ::f1. What it sees in bytecode is ::linkTo* which is completely 

The idea is to attach Method* (or MemberName?) to the nmethod and 
associate it with the call site. SharedRuntime::find_callee_info() can 
use it when it resolves the call site.

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

On 2/12/15 4:09 AM, Dean Long wrote:
> I'm not an expert, but it appears that we generate code for linkTo*
> intrinsics using the assembler, so the compiler,
> which is good at detecting compile-time constants, isn't allowed to do
> what it's good at.  What if we implement
> all linkTo* intrinsics (or linkToStatic at least) using IR instead?
> dl
> On 2/11/2015 3:37 PM, Vladimir Ivanov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking at JDK-8072008 [1]. The idea is to get rid of linkTo* call
>> when MemberName is a compile-time constant, but target method isn't
>> inlined. Direct call to target method is issued instead. It should
>> help recursive calls, for example.
>> The problem is that compiled call sites start in unlinked state and
>> runtime lacks information to patch them with a correct method (what it
>> sees during fixup is just a linkTo* call).
>> The only way I see how to get call site linking working is to attach
>> pre-resolved target method (Method*) to the nmethod and make fixup
>> logic aware of it, so it can skip bytecode inspection step (in
>> SharedRuntime::find_callee_info()).
>> Do you see any problems with such approach?
>> Any other ideas how to fix original problem?
>> Thanks!
>> Best regards,
>> Vladimir Ivanov
>> [1]

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