RFR (S) : 8073607 : add trace events for inlining

Markus Gronlund markus.gronlund at oracle.com
Fri Feb 27 10:25:16 UTC 2015

Hi Igor,

In trace.xml:

    <struct id="CiMethod">
 404       <value type="UTF8" field="class" label="Class name"/>
 405       <value type="UTF8" field="method" label="Method name"/>
 406       <value type="UTF8" field="signature" label="Method signature"/>
 407     </struct>

You don't need to write an individual UTF8 string for every class, method and desc as we have "intrinsics" for taking care of this for you.

This also means you wouldn't need to create a separate struct, as you can just define the necessary fields as type METHOD in the CompilerInlining event:

<event id="CompilerInlining" path="vm/compiler/opto/inlining" label="Compiler Optimization :: Inlining"
 410          has_thread="true" is_instant="true">
 411       <value type="UINT" field="compileID" label="Compilation ID" relation="COMP_ID"/>
 412       <value type="METHOD" field="caller" label="Caller "/>
 413       <value type="METHOD" field="callee" label="Callee "/>
 414       <value type="BOOLEAN" field="succeeded" label="Succeeded"/>
 415       <value type="UTF8" field="message" label="Message"/>
 416       <value type="INTEGER" field="bci" label="bci"/>
 417     </event>

// I also removed these attributes " is_requestable="false" is_constant="false" - they are defaults. I changed to "is_instant=true" since it looks like the event does not span over a duration in bytecodeInfo.cpp.

At the event site, you will now need to pass the Hotspot Method* as the values (unsure how you pull that out of a ci* artifact, but you have the Metadata* for the Method there somewhere):

result.set_caller(Method* caller_method);
result.set_callee(Method* callee_method);


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Subject: RFR (S) : 8073607 : add trace events for inlining

Hi guys,

could you please review the patch which adds trace events for inlining for c1/c2 compiler?

An added event provides information about caller, callee, bci, inline status and message.

webrev : http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~iignatyev/8073607/webrev.00/
JBS: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8073607

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