Suboptimal code generation in C2?

Vitaly Davidovich vitalyd at
Wed Sep 23 17:49:10 UTC 2015


Consider this simple method:

    private static int test(final int ops, int start) {
        for (int i = 0; i < ops; ++i) {
        return start;

8u40 C2 nicely eliminates the loop, but performs a bit of a dance before
arriving at the correct return value (I'm ignoring
prologue/epilogue/safepoint poll):

 # parm0:    rsi       = int
  # parm1:    rdx       = int
  #           [sp+0x20]  (sp of caller)
  0x00007f395f591100: sub    $0x18,%rsp
  0x00007f395f591107: mov    %rbp,0x10(%rsp)    ;*synchronization entry

  0x00007f395f59110c: test   %esi,%esi
  0x00007f395f59110e: jle    0x00007f395f59112f
  0x00007f395f591110: mov    $0x1,%r10d
  0x00007f395f591116: cmp    %esi,%r10d
  0x00007f395f591119: jge    0x00007f395f591133  ;*if_icmplt

  0x00007f395f59111b: dec    %esi
  0x00007f395f59111d: add    %edx,%esi
  0x00007f395f59111f: mov    %esi,%eax
  0x00007f395f591121: inc    %eax               ;*iload_1

  0x00007f395f591123: add    $0x10,%rsp
  0x00007f395f591127: pop    %rbp
  0x00007f395f591128: test   %eax,0x5e1eed2(%rip)        #
                                                ;   {poll_return}
  0x00007f395f59112e: retq
  0x00007f395f59112f: mov    %edx,%eax
  0x00007f395f591131: jmp    0x00007f395f591123
  0x00007f395f591133: xor    %esi,%esi
  0x00007f395f591135: jmp    0x00007f395f59111d

For comparison, here's GCC 5.2 -O3 (O2 is the same) output for effectively
the same code:

int test(int ops, int start) {
  for(int i = 0; i < ops; ++i) {
  return start;

test(int, int):
leal (%rsi,%rdi), %edx
movl %esi, %eax
testl %edi, %edi
cmovg %edx, %eax

Any ideas on why C2 doesn't generate roughly the same thing? Clang 3.7 and
ICC 13.0.1 are almost the same as the GCC output above.

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