RFR(L) 8149655: PPC64: Implement CompactString intrinsics

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Thu Feb 18 19:50:08 UTC 2016

Hi Martin,

I finally had a look at this change.  Good work!

What did you test this with,  besides our hs-comp nighttests, which
already is quite a lot?

I saw you added more conditions to the predicate of  string_indexOf_imm1_char() etc.
Isn't this obvious because needleImm is an immP?

if (stride1 == 1) { lbz(chr1, 0, str1); } else { lhz(chr1, 0 ,str1); }
Space before comma.  There are more of these, search for '0 ,'
guarantee(needlecntval != 1,
not indented ... or is this on purpose?

Best regards,

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Subject: RFR(L) 8149655: PPC64: Implement CompactString intrinsics


I have created a webrev which adds the following String intrinsics to PPC64:
0 string_compareL
1 string_compareU
2 string_compareLU
3 string_compareUL
4 string_equalsL
5 string_equalsU
6 array_equalsB
7 array_equalsC
8 indexOf_imm1_char_U
9 indexOf_imm1_char_L
10 indexOf_imm1_char_UL
11 indexOf_imm1_U
12 indexOf_imm1_L
13 indexOf_imm1_UL
14 indexOfChar_U
15 indexOf_imm_U
16 indexOf_imm_L
17 indexOf_imm_UL
18 indexOf_U
19 indexOf_L
20 indexOf_UL
21 string_compress
22 string_inflate
23 has_negatives
24 encode_iso_array

It also contains some other minor improvements.

The webrev is here:

Please review.

I will also need a sponsor from Oracle because the change touches one java test file (test/compiler/intrinsics/string/TestStringIntrinsics2.java).

Best regards,

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