RFR(M): 8165235: [TESTBUG] RTM tests must check OS version

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Mon Sep 5 11:54:52 UTC 2016


This fixes the RTM tests wrt. to supported platforms on ppc.
Please review this change. I please need a sponsor.

RTM uses special instructions that are only available on recent x86 cpus. On x86, this feature does not need OS support. On ppc, the equivalent functionality, hardware transactional memory, requires OS support. Thus the feature is only enabled by the VM if CPU and OS are at a specific level. The tests must check this. too. This holds for AIX and Linux.

To do so, this change introduces rtm/predicate/SupportedOS.java which checks for proper OS versions on ppc, else returns true.
The OS version is retrieved from Platform.java, which has new methods getOsVersionMajor() and  getOsVersionMinor().
To simplify the checks in the tests, I also introduced a 3-way AndPredicate constructor.

To simplify the OS version check on Aix, I change enabling RTM on Aix to require AIX 7.2.
Before, it was enabled on AIX, which contains an important bug fix.  The
last digits of this version are not exported to os.version property, so I can not
check for them in the test.

Best regards,
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