[10] RFR(S): 8181781: Replay compilation should ignore unresolved Klass with -XX:+ReplayIgnoreInitErrors

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Thu Jun 8 11:21:12 UTC 2017


please review the following patch:

Replay compilation currently crashes if a Klass referenced in ciMethodData cannot be resolved. However, in many cases it's not necessary to resolve the class for replay compilation to succeed. We should be more conservative if -XX:+ReplayIgnoreInitErrors is set. I noticed this while debugging JDK-8181741. The generated replay compilation files fail because ciMethodData for AnnotationParser::parseAnnotations2 contains a reference to com/sun/proxy/jdk/proxy2/$Proxy4 which cannot be resolved. However, if we ignore those resolution failures compilation succeeds and the bug easily reproduces.


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