jaotc inlining

Yifei Zhang yifei.zhang1992 at outlook.com
Mon Nov 19 09:35:18 UTC 2018

Dear Doug,
Thanks for your reply.

Currently I am using JDK 11. I use jaotc with the option -J-Dgraal.TraceInlining=true to compile the SPECjvm2008.jar inside the SPECjvm2008 benchmark suite. jaotc raises an exception. Here is the stacktrace.

        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.nodes.InliningLog$Callsite.positionString(InliningLog.java:120)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.nodes.InliningLog.formatAsTree(InliningLog.java:491)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.nodes.InliningLog.formatAsTree(InliningLog.java:486)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.nodes.StructuredGraph.logInliningTree(StructuredGraph.java:505)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.core.GraalCompiler.emitFrontEnd(GraalCompiler.java:270)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.hotspot.stubs.Stub.buildCompilationResult(Stub.java:237)
        at jdk.internal.vm.compiler at 11.0.1/org.graalvm.compiler.hotspot.stubs.Stub.getCompilationResult(Stub.java:253)
        at jdk.aot at 11.0.1/jdk.tools.jaotc.DataBuilder.retrieveStubCode(DataBuilder.java:190)
        at jdk.aot at 11.0.1/jdk.tools.jaotc.DataBuilder.prepareData(DataBuilder.java:146)
        at jdk.aot at 11.0.1/jdk.tools.jaotc.Main.run(Main.java:190)
        at jdk.aot at 11.0.1/jdk.tools.jaotc.Main.run(Main.java:102)
        at jdk.aot at 11.0.1/jdk.tools.jaotc.Main.main(Main.java:81)

I still got some detailed inlining tracing. Thanks four help.


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Hi Anthony,

If you are using JDK 11 or later, then -J-Dgraal.TraceInlining=true will give you complete information regarding Graal inlining decisions.


> On 19 Nov 2018, at 09:34, Yifei Zhang <yifei.zhang1992 at outlook.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am currently looking at jaotc and trying to use it to improve the performance of Java programs. I use -J-Dgraal.Log=InliningDecisions to dump inlining info during compilation, such as which methods are inlined and which are not and why. It seems that only the method calls that invoke Java library methods are inlined but method invocations to users’ own code are not. I was wondering if this is true and what the purposes of this design are.
> Best,
> Anthony

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