RFR(M): 8219584: Try to dump error file by thread which causes safepoint timeout

Doerr, Martin martin.doerr at sap.com
Wed Mar 6 11:43:36 UTC 2019


my proposal JDK-8219584 is currently being reviewed on hotspot-runtime-dev, but it contains a small test which explicitly uses C2.
May I get a review for TestAbortVMOnSafepointTimeout.java, please?


Bug with description of the feature:

The purpose of the method "test_loop" is to loop long enough to hit a safepoint timeout (with configured timeout delay).
I compile it directly by C2 with -XX:-UseCountedLoopSafepoints and -XX:LoopStripMiningIter=0.
This should force the loop to get compiled without safepoint and 2 billion divisions should definitely take long enough to hit a 500ms safepoint timeout.
I've tested it many times on all platforms we have and I've never seen it failing.

Is it fine to rely on this?

Best regards,

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