RFR: 8224162: assert(profile.count() == 0) failed: sanity in InlineTree::is_not_reached

Jie Fu fujie at loongson.cn
Fri May 24 08:53:37 UTC 2019

Hi Vladimir Ivanov and all,

What do you think of this version: 
Could you please give me some comments?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards,

On 2019/5/23 下午6:21, Vladimir Ivanov wrote:
> I'm still in favor of fixing the root cause than putting band-aids in 
> otherwise perfectly valid code.
> I don't consider fixing CounterData::count() and its usages to 
> properly handle overflow as overly complicated. There's a limited 
> number of usages and they don't properly handle overflow as well. So, 
> fixing the bug is highly desireable even though it has been left 
> unnoticed for a long time.

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