MVM (Was: AttachCurrentThread Crash)

Shai Almog shai.almog at
Fri Aug 10 01:09:05 PDT 2007

> > Here is the MVM site, FWIW:
> Yes, and as everybody can see on that page, the latest news is older
> than one year...

The MVM team members moved on for the most part, the only MVM work at
Sun (thats public knowledge at least) is in the Java ME world where
MVM is really doing well.
You can see a great set of comments from the MVM team in Chet Hass's
block when he wrote a disparaging post on MVM some of the MVM team
commented there. Sun is reasonably open about its internal conflicts
in that sense ;-)
Just google for that blog and you can see both sides and some newer
posts by people both for an against (my blogs for MVM also appear

Shai Almog

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