FW: can't build JVM static

Novikov Timofey novikov at seaproject.ru
Sun Jul 15 23:16:05 PDT 2007

Hi Nikolay!

Thanks for your answer!

I tried to build JVM with `make JAVA_BASE_ADDR=`...

And as you see - I got new problem:
make[3]: Выход из каталог `/home/novikov/openjdk/hotspot/build/linux/linux_i486_compiler2/product'
cd linux_i486_compiler2/product && ./test_gamma
./test_gamma: line 11: 30144 Segmentation fault      ./${gamma:-gamma} -Xbatch Queens </dev/null

 ldd -v libjvm.so - statically linked

You can find makefiles in attachments (gcc.make vm.make launcher.make)


Best regards
Timofey Novikov

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Try to build with "make JVM_BASE_ADDR=", binary will be a bit slower 
(more PIC code) but could work.


Novikov Timofey wrote:
> Hello!
> I want build HotSpot JVM statically (it's needful for work on system 
> with GLIBC2.1.3)
> When I try build it with -static key I get parse error in 
> libjvm.so.lds script, string 12:
> . = 0x08048000x06000000 + SIZEOF_HEADERS;
> Any changing of this string to the "good" state (. = 0x0804800 + 
> 0x06000000 + SIZEOF_HEADERS;) take the Segmentation Fault error...
> Thanx!
> Tim Novikov

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