Hotspot on PPC

Gary Benson gbenson at
Fri Jun 1 08:43:18 PDT 2007

Paul Hohensee - Java SE wrote:
> CC_INTERP must be set to build the C++ interpreter, but you also
> need some machine-dependent assembly code glue to make it work.  We
> haven't open sourced the latter since we don't support the former.

Fair enough.

> You can build a vm without the compilers.  Use one of the 'core'
> targets like 'productcore'.

I was just reading that in hotspot/build/linux/Makefile ;)
> We supported ia64 in 1.4.2, but dropped it in 5.0, so yes, we have
> old ia64 sources.

Ok, I understand a bit better now.  Has the C++ interpreter been used
in anger since then?

> correct ia64 assembly is 'interesting' to write.

So I've heard :)

> I'm not aware of any plans to open source the PPC 5.0 port.

Ok.  Does the fact that it's only 5.0 mean you've dropped PPC?


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