accessing the operand stack using jvmti/jwdp/jdi

Grzegorz Antoniak antonone at
Wed Jun 6 09:51:18 PDT 2007


 I'm sorry if this will be the second post on the same issue. I've
 already sent a post on this group with the same topic, but it seems it
 has been lost somewhere.

 Anyway, the question which I would ask is: is it possible to access
 (read/write) the operand stack of a frame using JVMTI interface? I just
 want to be able to see the local variables in the function in compiled
 classes, without having any debug info (that is, classes compiled with
 -g:none). I'm using JDI interface, but since JDI is using JWDP, and
 JWDP uses JVMTI, then it all comes down to JVMTI, doesn't it?

 I've found some topics on sun's forums and some entries in the bug
 database, but some of them are already a few years old. From there I
 read that there is no possibility to access the operand stack in the
 current state of the JVM. Is this true? And, if it is, do you plan to
 implement this feature in JDK6, or 7?

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