HotSpot/CoreLibraries Interface documentation

Mark Wielaard mark at
Sat Jun 16 07:05:43 PDT 2007

Sebastien Vezina <vezina.sebastien.2 at ...> writes:
> I've been looking for documentation on the VM/CoreLibrary interface in 
> OpenJDK. I looked in the Core Libraaries doc and in the HotSpot doc and 
> didn't find anything on the subject. My goal would be to be able to use 
> the core libraries with a different VM. Can anyone point me to any 
> documentation on the subject.

If you read you can see that several GNU Classpath
based runtimes are experimenting with adopting all or parts of the OpenJDK core
libraries. If no documentation exists it might be interesting to pull together
the knowledge of the ikvm, jamaica, cacao and openjdk hackers to get an overview
how to do this. For GNU Classpath we have a vm/platform interface as described
at It would be
nice to have a interoperability layer for the various free software runtimes to

At the moment I believe Cacao is the most completely integrated (others are not
using the whole openjdk core class library as is, but combine it with with GNU
Classpath or their own internal VM specific class library extensions).
Inspecting the cacao sources at might help since they
can not only use the OpenJDK core libraries as is, but also the GNU Classpath
and the phoneme CLDC-1.1 classes as core class library. For more info see Hope that helps.



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