Link List in Assembly Interpreter

Nima Rouhollah Gougol rgougol at
Sat Jun 16 21:24:23 PDT 2007

Hello everybody, Again this is Nima Gougol. I am seriously working on 
HotSpot toward my Masters' thesis at SJSU. Currently,  I am trying to 
enhance HotSpot invocation threshold and compilation triggering with 
dynamic invocation threshold instead the static CompileThreshold which 
is 10,000 in server mode. Any feedback regarding any of the following 
questions will be extremely appreciated.

 My question is how I may store and access some data as a link list (or 
a grow able array) from Assembly interpreter? I am already storing data 
within JavaThread structure of the thread that is running interpreter. 
Can I access a static member of JavaThread in assembly interpreter? Can 
I reloce, grow or shrink an array structure within JavaThread from 
assembly interpreter?  Can call a C method of JavaThread that is running 
the interpreter from assembly interpreter? For example, can I get the 
entry point of a C method of JavaThread  and call it with __ call() 
method of assembly? Can I generate a grow able array or link list inside 
the heap of Java Virtual Machine from assembly interpreter?


Nima R. Gougol

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