Is anybody interested in porting the JDK6 to MIPS arch

Peter B. Kessler Peter.Kessler at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 18 10:02:07 PDT 2007

chenjie wrote:

> I have completed porting the JVM5 c1 on Loongson(MIPSIII instruction set), and now I
> am porting the JVM6. If I got more hands, I will speed up the porting the way,
> I found it is difficult to debug JVM by the current tools: gdb, JVM -XX parameter,
> crash reports. do anybody get some better ideas to debug?

This is interesting, but JDK5 and JDK6 have not (yet) been
open sourced.  Are you working from the
sources under the Java Research License?

			... peter

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