Is anybody interested in porting the JDK6 to MIPS arch

chenjie chenj at
Mon Jun 18 17:39:27 PDT 2007

Not currently, I just porting for research now, I will port open JDK 
under GPL in the future

Peter B. Kessler 写道:
> chenjie wrote:
>> I have completed porting the JVM5 c1 on Loongson(MIPSIII instruction 
>> set), and now I
>> am porting the JVM6. If I got more hands, I will speed up the porting 
>> the way,
>> I found it is difficult to debug JVM by the current tools: gdb, JVM 
>> -XX parameter,
>> crash reports. do anybody get some better ideas to debug?
> This is interesting, but JDK5 and JDK6 have not (yet) been
> open sourced. Are you working from the
> sources under the Java Research License?
> ... peter

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