mipsel-linux port

Dougherty James James.Dougherty at Micronas.com
Fri Jun 22 14:19:35 PDT 2007

Thanks Jonathan,

How could we get access to the port? Definitely would like 
To try it out with our Hardware :-)


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Hi James and chenjie,

Reservoir Labs is currently working on an OpenJDK MIPS port.  We started
with the 
assembler, stubs, and interpreter, as Steve mentions.  We plan to do the
compiler after 
that.  We are targeting MIPS64, though the MIPS32 holes are ifdefed in
the right places 
(and we use things like ld_long where appropriate).

Hopefully it can be integrated into the Sun distribution at some point.
We plan to 
maintain the port.


Jonathan Springer     |
Reservoir Labs, Inc.  |  http://www.reservoir.com/

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