Port coordination?

Pieter Libin pieter.libin at mybiodata.eu
Wed Nov 14 02:03:41 PST 2007

Dear all,

nowadays it seems that quite some people/organizations are working on
various ports of the j2se platform.
However, porting the virtual machine to new architectures requires the
writing of quite some non-trivial platform specific code (os, os_cpu
I think it would make sense to provide a more portable replacement for
this native part.
This would help porting the j2se platform a lot, and might make the
transition from j2me > j2se easier as well

Does anyone know wether such a mechanism could be technically feasible?

Kind regards,


On Aug 9, 2007 8:01 PM, Jonathan Springer <springer at reservoir.com> wrote:
> James.Melvin at Sun.COM wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  From this forum and others, I can see there are a number of people
> > working on the same port of HotSpot? Would it make sense to coordinate
> > these efforts to reduce duplication, speed up time-to-market, and
> > increase quality? Is this happening already, perhaps beyond my
> > visibility? Can I see a show of hands from anyone working on the
> > following ports...
> >
> > PPC
> > MIPS
> > Linux on SPARC
> > ARM
> > MacOSX
> >
> > Other?
> Hi Jim,
> Reservoir Labs is working on a MIPS port of OpenJDK.  Specifically, we are targeting
> MIPS64 right now, but we're interested in generalizing to other MIPS variants too,
> especially MIPS32.  We are also interested in other possible architecture ports.
> > Perhaps this email can seed a more common, dedicated area somewhere on
> > the OpenJDK website.  Would this be helpful?
> Yes, something like this sounds useful as an organizational tool.
> -Jonathan
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