Port coordination?

Michael Neuweiler michael at neuweiler.biz
Tue Sep 4 02:27:52 PDT 2007


I wanted to start a port of the hotspot jvm for "Syllable"
(www.syllable.org) but got stalled by the chicken and egg problem: "You
need a working jvm to compile the jvm". heh, funny approach :)

After I compiled the entire hotspot on a linux system, I removed all *.o
files and pointed the JVM variable "ALT_BOOTDIR" to an invalid location
and started the build again. The build failed when some XSLT had to be
done. My idea was to move the pre-built package without .o files to
Syllable and compile it there - because it's also POSIX compliant I
expected a few changes by hand (of course without graphical output

Is there a guide for kick-starting the port of the jvm to a new OS?
Could I use a gnu implementation of java or even kaffee for the XSLT on


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