Sunil Amitkumar Janki devel.sjanki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 08:15:05 PDT 2007

steve goldman wrote:
> That is certainly how thing usually go.
> Now if I can put a project in someone's head one of the things we've 
> wanted to for a long time is to have an os directory "*nix" where most 
> os the solaris/linux code would go and eliminate the redundancy. Then 
> add something like os_flavor to the MakeDeps macros and platform files 
> to cover the place where linux and solaris differ. I don't know if 
> this then causes factoring <os_cpu> into both <os_cpu> and 
> <os_flavor_cpu> or not. I suspect it does.
> Speaking of refactoring like this the i486 and amd64 cpu directories 
> are about to (finally!) merge into a single x86 directory. More about 
> that later.

It would be nice to finally see broad unified support for Unix(-like)
operating systems integrated into the JDK. I have Linux running on
x86, SPARC and MIPS and user experience with Solaris on the first
two as well so I could test with both OS's on all of these architectures.

I would only have to set up some build environments for Solaris
then since my main development system is GNU/Linux (Slackware
specifically). I don't know if there is any virtualisation solution
for SPARC like for example VMware.


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