source re-org

steve goldman Steve.Goldman at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 27 11:35:54 PDT 2007

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the i486/amd64 directories were 
about to merge. This will be visible in b21. The source directories with 
the suffix i486/amd64 are now a single directory suffix x86. In addition 
for good measure the name win32 has become windows.

A number of the files in the resulting x86 directories have been 
completely merged (e.g. os_<os_family>_x86.cpp). Unfortunately since the 
merging of the assembler is incomplete there are still some files that 
are separate for the 32bit and 64bit versions. The assembler and 
template interpreter fall into that category. These files have an 
additional suffix _32/_64 to categorize them. So you'll see things like:


the hope is that in the future all the _32/_64 suffixes will go away. 
Some will go away soon (the assembler) other (templateTable, the .ad 
files) will take a long time if ever.

In order to support these 32/64 suffixes new macros were added to the 
platform files like:

arch_model = x86_32

arch_model = x86_64

This allows the includeDB files to select the proper file. For ports 
that aren't as messed up as the i486/amd64 code was. It will suffice to 
simply add a line that duplicates the arch line. A good example is a 
platform file from sparc

arch = sparc
arch_model = sparc
os_arch = solaris_sparc
os_arch_model = solaris_sparc

The directories that are created as a result of the builds are not 
impacted by these changes.

In the near future (ever the optimist) there will be a 64bit x86 client 
compiler as a result of all this.


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