now open: Hotspot internals wiki

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 15 23:23:22 PDT 2008

I have started a wiki called "Hotspot Internals"[1] to help us  
document and shape Hotspot's implementation architecture.

To get the ball rolling, I put in some pages listing clever Hotspot  
optimizations (as many as I could think of) and some stuff about  
microbenchmarks and the new PrintAssembly functionality[2], which  
lets developers inspect the output of the JIT (even in product mode).

Eventually the content will probably be rehosted on,  
but for now it's on

Identity management is manual, but I would be very glad to set you up  
as an author if you wish to contribute implementation insights.  (Sun  
emps. are I think automatically authorized; no surprise.)  Page  
comments are open to anybody (...that logs in; no anonymous  
comments), so if you have a question rather than a contribution,  
please consider putting it in the form of a page comment.

At Sun we have many internal wiki pages on various aspects of Hotspot  
internals, and much of this is still fresh, non-confidential, and  
worth republishing outside the company firewall.  If each Sun  
engineer were to push out his or her favorite Hotspot internal  
architecture page (and maybe blog about it to boot), our non-Sun  
colleagues would have some interesting and enjoyable new reading...

Best wishes,
-- John Rose


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