CAUTION: don't pull from hotspot, hotspot-rt or hotspot-svc repositories

David Cox David.Cox at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 8 16:44:15 PDT 2008

My apologies, but we've experienced a glitch with our mercurial usage and request that you avoid pulling from these three repositories until the issue can be resolved:


Each of these contains a change set that fixes 6732819.  The problem is that jdk7/jdk7/hotspot contains a different change set that also addresses 6732819.  To fix this problem, we intend to roll back the above three repos to the point that they no longer include changes for 6732819 and then sync them with jdk7/jdk7/hotspot.  This should happen later tonight; no later than Monday for sure.  Until then, please don't update any clones of the "contaminated" hotspot repos that you may have.  If you already have a contaminated clone, you'll need to fix it.  I'll let others who actually work with Mercurial discuss how to do that.


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