Patch submission advice: use webrev, jtreg tests where, cmd line test?

Lars Westergren lars.westergren at
Thu Feb 14 06:53:18 PST 2008


I have a fix ready for bug 6523160 - "RuntimeMXBean.getUptime() returns
negative values". Mandy Chung long ago suggested I use this mailing list
rather than the management mailinglist for this bug since the fix
involves changes in Hotspot code.

Before I submit, I wanted to clarify three things -

1. Should I include diff files as attachments as is recommended here:
or do you now prefer that I use Webrev for OpenJDK as Jean-Christophe
Collet describes, so I include a link to my webrev pages in the mail

2. My jtreg tests, would you prefer them included as standalone files
attachments to the mail so you yourselves can decide where to put them,
or should I place them in the correct package in jdk/test so they become
a part of the webrev?

3. Provoking the bug involves setting back the OS clock. Is it ok if I
use the command line "date" command (making the test platform dependent)
to set back the clock in the test? Or should I prefer user interaction
as is done in some other tests I've seen - i.e. popping up a window that
says "Set back the OS clock an hour now, click 'ok' when done to continue"?

Thanks in advance,

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