Help! where the interpreter is invoked?

Wei Zheng (Person Consulting) v-weizhe at
Thu Feb 14 05:54:33 PST 2008

Hi All,
            I am reading the source codes of hotspot. I want to know where the interpreter is invoked to translate the bytecodes of the static method "main" in a class file into native instructions.
            I debugged the source codes and found the functions below are invoked to execute the static method "main" :
jni_CallStaticVoidMethod ->
   jni_invoke_static ->
     JavaCalls::call ->
       JavaCalls::call_helper ->
          StubRoutines::call_stub()( (address)&link,  ....) // the static method "main" is executed after this step.
Who can tell me where the interpreter is invoked in the functions above? Thank you very much!

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