memory usage of byte[] ?

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Sun Jul 6 22:46:27 PDT 2008

Actually, it's a long-standing bug that primitive arrays use memmove  
for array copy.

I'm working on a change set where we will use  
Copy::conjoint_memory_atomic instead, which has the correct semantics. 


-- John

On Jul 6, 2008, at 9:48 PM, Peter B. Kessler wrote:

> In addition to being rigorous about aligning things, we are also
> careful not to use calls like memcpy(3C), which is spec'd to copy
> by bytes, so one can see word-tearing if you are watching the
> destination while someone is memcpy'ing into it: e.g., an array
> of object references.  That was _no_ fun to debug.

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