new pages on HotSpotInternals wiki, and a call for contributions

John Rose John.Rose at Sun.COM
Sat Jul 19 14:55:57 PDT 2008

I'm working on MethodHandle code in the JVM (for the JSR 292 RI).  As  
I relearn all the calling sequence paths in HotSpot, I'm putting out  
notes on what I find.  You might enjoy the HotSpotInternals wiki  
pages I've added recently:

As you learn your way around the mountain of code that is HotSpot, I  
encourage you to write down your discoveries, while they are fresh to  
you, on the HotSpotInternals wiki.  Registration is free and easy.   
In the present policy, a human being (such as me) has to add editor  
privileges to your wiki id, but if you have something to contribute  
to the wiki I will do this in a heartbeat.  If you wish to collect  
implementation notes into another place on the openjdk websites,  
please let me know so I can cross-link to them.

Best wishes,
-- John

P.S.  For more info on my mlvm work, see recent email:

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