review request for 6618886 and etc.

Xiaobin Lu Xiaobin.Lu at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 31 17:32:39 PDT 2008

Webrev: http://javaweb.sfbay/~xl116366/webrev/6618886/


This webrev contains fixes for 3 bugs.

6618886:  Anonymous objects can be destructed immediately and so should 
not be used

The usage of anonymous C++ objects is unsafe under some circumstances if 
compiled with GCC (not with Sun compiler). Compiled with GCC, the 
anonymous object will be destroyed before the next statement gets 
executed. This will cause issues when we want to make that C++ object as 
a scope object for monitor for example. I searched through our source 
code base and the two usages in osThread_solaris.cpp observed by David 
Holmes are the only two so far. The fix is to avoid using anonymous objects.

6719981: Update Hotspot Windows os_win32 for windows XP 64 bit and 
windows 2008

This bug is to add additional information in the hs error log file to 
indicate whether the OS is 64 bit or not.

6608862: segv in JvmtiEnvBase::check_for_periodic_clean_up()

The root cause of this bug is that WatcherThread::watcher_thread() 
returns NULL when some thread calls WatcherThread::stop (e.g. JVM_Halt 
calls before_exit which calls WatcherThread::stop()). While in the 
meantime, the other thread calling Thread::threads_do assumes it as 
non-NULL. An fix is to add a check to see whether 
WatcherThread::watcher_thread() is NULL before using it.

Reviewed by:
Verified by:
For 6719981, I factored out the code into a simple program and tested on 
couple more recent Windows OSes.

Thanks in advance,

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