Linux current_stack_region()

David Holmes - Sun Microsystems David.Holmes at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 13 17:14:07 PDT 2008

Filed: 6675312 Linux glibc stack guard-pages can overlap with hotspot 
guard pages


David Holmes - Sun Microsystems said the following on 14/03/08 09:57 AM:
> Gary,
> Thanks for the bugzilla pointer - I've added my opinion there.
> I will file a bug against hotspot so that we can track this.
> David
> Gary Benson said the following on 14/03/08 02:05 AM:
>> David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>>> I'd argue that glibc is incorrect then.
>> You'd not be the only one:
>>> But that aside what are the implications for hotspot? Does it mean
>>> we're placing our guard pages on top of glibc's? (Fortunately this
>>> will only affect natively attached threads that happen to use glibc
>>> guards).
>> In Java threads with guard pages (attached threads, basically)
>> HotSpot's red page will be in the same place as the glibc guard.
>> In non-Java threads there will be a guard page at the end of the
>> stack.
>>> Thanks for clarifying my misreading regarding the rounding issue.
>> Thanks for bringing it up.  Someone else had mentioned something
>> similar to me and I'd meant to check it but forgotten.
>> Cheers,
>> Gary

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